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I like hats, photography, crackling fires, sunny days, bright colors, twirling, good books, film, traveling, laughing, union jacks, FOOD, music, and playing it, writing, poetry, new shoes, especially rain boots, candles, stories, funny people, singing, chocolate, i know thats included in food but it needed it's own category, old things, dresses, dancing, Christmas ornaments, bicycles, patterns, lots of them, flowers, and anything potentially pertaining to Paris. Oh and alliteration too I suppose.

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Sophisticated Calamigos Ranch Wedding x
Photography // Christianne Taylor
Wedding Invitations //  Smitten on Paper


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Anonymous Asked:
you kinda look like the poor man's Selena Gomez

My answer:

Haha thanks…. I think? I hear that every now and then. Though how you could tell from that picture I’ve no idea. :)  


Rikki Snyder Photography: Oh So Autumn


Wendy Laurel