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I like hats, photography, crackling fires, sunny days, bright colors, twirling, good books, film, traveling, laughing, union jacks, FOOD, music, and playing it, writing, poetry, new shoes, especially rain boots, candles, stories, funny people, singing, chocolate, i know thats included in food but it needed it's own category, old things, dresses, dancing, Christmas ornaments, bicycles, patterns, lots of them, flowers, and anything potentially pertaining to Paris. Oh and alliteration too I suppose.


Last night my father got out his guitar again. I always love it when he plays. But tonight was special. Tonight he played me a song I’ve been begging him to play for me for as long as I can remember. He played my mother’s song. The song he wrote for her so many years ago. To ask her to marry him. I’ve always loved that story. He took her on a picnic. Brought along the guitar. And then he sang to her. And in that song, He told her he loved her. For the first time. And he asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. Its been nearly twenty years since he played her that song. He still remembers every word and chord. It was the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard. 

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    Oh summer. But first the days of darkness and open fires and wearing too many clothes. I’ve turned my radiator up full...
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